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Salon des Femmes – bezorgen NL & BE


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What happens when a group of women gather and would like to talk about? It’s not what the topics you might think 😉

Gary Douglas is on a mission to end the perpetual conflict between men and women. Salon des Femmes is based on a series of teleclasses Douglas held with a group of women.

They discussed men; sex; relationships; men’s and women’s roles; and creating amazing, harmonious relationships. It blends the groundbreaking Access Consciousness tools and processes, insightful revelations, and heartwarming inspiration.

Says Douglas, “My desire is to give women in the world a greater sense of peace with others and peace with self and the place where they wouldn’t feel like they have to fight for everything they are getting.” Douglas encourages women to become “pragmatists of femininity”, applying their feminine power to create what they want.

A “pragmatic relationship” is where partners strive to make things work for everyone involved, he says. “Happily ever after doesn’t occur unless you are willing to become pragmatic about your choices.”

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